A mix of this and that!




This week we looked at the job role of a chef! We role played being a chef, practised our number writing in flour, made many cups of tea at the tea station and decorated a ‘slice of pizza’ in Messy play. In Art, the children created their own chef hats to be worn during our cooking lessons.

In Literacy, children have been working on a variety of different skills. These included following two, three and four keyword instructions ‘put the glitter and water in the bowl’ to make a glitter cake! Some children worked on their writing and computer skills, typing out the ingredients and tools needed to make pasta on an iPad. We continued to work on sorting different objects to correspond to different job roles too.

We have started our Israel 70 projects this week. It was wonderful to see the excitement of children showing off their family photos to their peer. We made picture frames for these photos which will be a part of the exhibition. Next week we will look at our objects which have particular meaning for each child.

Please take a look at the link below for further information on this exciting project.

We look forward to next week’s topic where we will be focusing on the job role of scientists.


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