Who do I want to be when I grow up?

Welcome back to Summer term 2! We have had a busy and exciting first week back with OFSTED coming to visit.

This term’s theme is ‘People and their jobs’. We have listened, observed and asked the children Who they want to be when they grow up. Following this, we linked weekly job roles to encourage these interests and talents. These include artist, scientist, rock star, chef and train driver. We look forward to exploring each job role in all areas of learning.

This week we looked at the job role of an artist! We explored collaging, clay making and textured painting in Messy play. In Art, the children painted their own version of Van Gogh’s sunflowers. We definitely could have some budding artists in our class!

In maths children have been working on a variety of different targets including sequencing numbers 1-30, working out simple word problems, identifying the odd one out and one to one correspondence.

We look forward to next week’s topic where we will be focusing on the job role of being a ‘chef.


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