A whale of a time!

Wow! Another half term has flown by. This week in Maths, some of our pupils have been focusing on positional language, such as above, below, between, behind, in front of. We looked at a picture of an underwater scene and described where different sea creatures were in the scene using this language. Other pupils were matching big and small objects, such as cars and balls. In Topic, we looked at the impact of ocean pollution on sea animals. We watched a video and we were sad to see a dolphin playing with a plastic bag, a seal with plastic around his nose and a turtle stuck in a fishing net. After, we played an interactive game on the whiteboard where we practised identifying what material different items were made of and which recycling bin they should go in.  Following on from this, we recycled shoe boxes and cardboard boxes and made magical underwater scenes. Some pupils were very creative with their inventions!
A reminder that Seorah class will be going swimming on Monday 4th June. Remember your swimming costumes and a towel! I hope everyone enjoys their holidays.

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