Past and present, and xylophones!

 We have been doing a lot of work on features of non-fiction this week and we are getting good at finding features such as the contents page, labels, captions and index. We have started to make our own non-fiction books about sea animals, which include these features. In History, we have been looking at past and present and this week we focused on toys from the past and present. Some pupils said that toys from the past are made of wood and toys now are made of plastic and glass. One pupil said that toys are now made in factories and asked if we could see how toys are made. We watched a video of how PlayMobil used to be made and how it has changed over the years and then we saw inside a Lego factory, with all the big steel molds. It was very interesting! In Music, we explored the xylophone and high and low notes. We had lots of fun playing the xylophone! 

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