The ‘Rainbow fish’ and ‘Shaun the shy shark’



D’vash class children have been loving the ‘Under the sea’ theme. We have enjoyed learning about being different like ‘Shaun the Shark’. We also learnt the importance of sharing through the ‘Rainbow fish’, and the lessons he taught us. Our middot focus has been friendship and patience with the children working on waiting, sharing and taking turns. Some helpful hints to try at home include counting down from 10, using sand timers or stopwatches and turn-taking boards. This week we have explored different sea animals with a focus on the ‘octopus’. We looked at all its different body parts and made sure our octopi had 8 tentacles. We especially enjoyed making cheerio octopi in art this week!

We look forward to exploring our upcoming theme of ‘rock pool’ As the weather is becoming warmer we will be bringing our learning outdoors. Please remember hats and sunscreen!


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