A short week!

We have crammed a lot of fun into 3 days this week! After learning about hermit crabs last week from ‘Sharing a Shell’ and reading information about crabs in Literacy, we made our very own hermit crabs in Art on Thursday. We made these with our hand print and a paper plate. The hermit crabs make a great addition to our Under the Sea display! 

In Science, we explored the question ‘what makes a fish a fish’ and learned that there are 4 things that animals need to have to be a fish. They need to live in water. They need to have gills to take oxygen from their environment. They need to have fins to move through the water and they need to have vertebrae for support and movement.

In PSHE, we have reviewed our class charter and chosen the expectations that we want for our classroom. This also links to Jewish Studies where we were learning about the 10 commandments and we each came up with 10 commandments that we think we should live by. See if you can come up with some expectations for home too.

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