A week of sea animals and ships!

We took advantage of some sun this week and took our Phonics lesson outdoors. We used chalk to practise writing the sounds s, a and t and words with oa, ee, or and ie. These are some of the sounds we have been learning recently.  In History, we watched an animated video about the Titanic. We learned that the Titanic hit an iceberg, which caused it to sink. One of our pupils said that it should have sailed during the day instead and the captain might have been able to see the iceberg and gone round it instead! That seems like logical thinking! We made an octopus in Art. Pupils used lots of fine motor skills to make their octopus. They cut out a circular body and 8 tentacles then glued cheerios down each tentacle, before painting their octopus in their favourite colour. 

I hope everyone enjoys a sunny bank holiday weekend and we will see you on Wednesday for some more under the sea fun!

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