This week in Seorah

 This week in Literacy, we have been developing our awareness of non-fiction books and exploring the features of fiction and non-fiction. We noticed that non-fiction books have photographs, a contents page and labels and fiction books are imaginative stories that usually have drawings or illustrations. We have been learning all things ‘measuring’ in Maths, from big and small, to heavier and lighter and ordering from heaviest to lightest. In Science, we looked at different aquariums across the world and talked about the animals that we could see living in the aquariums. Some children shared their experiences of visiting aquariums in London. We made fruit ice lollies in Cooking. We explored the ingredients first, by touching, smelling and sometimes tasting and then chose the ingredients we wanted in our lolly. Then we used the blender to blend it all up before pouring into a cup. Unfortunately, they hadn’t quite frozen by home time so we will leave them in the freezer over the weekend. Check back for more exciting news next week!

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