Gesher Opens

This week we opened our doors to our first cohort of children.

Greeting the children and parents at the door of the school was a very special moment for me. The whole Gesher team has been working very hard behind the scenes to get everything ready for our little people.

The building has been transformed; our playground and classrooms have been filled with brand new equipment. Every tiny detail thought out in huge detail with our multi disciplinary team. From which are the best chairs for our cohort to where to put the pegs up to make everything as accessible and successful as possible.

Seeing our Gesher children arrive in their shiny new uniforms and hang their jackets, rucksacks and caps up. Has brought the school to life and now we can begin the journey of embracing engaging and educating. Putting into practice day to day the vision and ethos of the school. I know how committed the team of teachers, therapists, governors and professionals are. We do truly have the most special school. Gesher can now really begin building bridges.

Gianna Colizza
Headteacher of Gesher School

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