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TAMAR 13 November 2020

13th November 2020

Tamar has had great return to school after half term! We have been learning about division in Maths and it turns out we already know quite a bit! In Literacy, we have been writing poems about Bonfire Night and remembering about the good old days when we used to celebrate it and the treats that…

Tamar 02 October 2020

2nd October 2020

Over the last two weeks, Tamar class have been hard at work learning about our Solar System in Science. We have learned about the Sun which is at the centre of our solar system and the planets which orbit it. In Maths we have been practising addition and our times tables. Our teacher thinks we’re…

Tamar 18 September 2020

18th September 2020

It has been a busy week for Tamar Class! We have been getting to know our new classmates and new adults. Everyone has settled in beautifully! We have taken advantage of the sunny weather by spending a lot of time outdoors on the playground and exploring in the nearby forest. We introduced “The Solar system”,…

Gesher School is currently closed and will re-open on 10th December.