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12th March 2021

Rimon class have had an exciting last few weeks. Last week Thursday was World Book Day, the children dressed up as different book characters and we did lots of fun activities. In Literacy, we are continuing our adventure about Abe and Alba and writing our adventure stories. Rimon class have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with…


26th February 2021

This week in Rimon class, we have started the term off with a happy start! We have begun exploring a special Literacy adventure about an antique book about two tiny people: Abe and Alba. Those tiny people are often up to mischief and we need to help find them, by writing some fabulous adventure stories….


12th February 2021

These last two weeks in Rimon we have been busy bees. In Literacy, we completed shape poems based on Ancient Egypt, wrote postcards from the River Nile and sorted nouns based on Egypt into people, place and things. In Math we have completed our multiplication and division topic and have begun looking at 3D shapes…


28th January 2021

The last two weeks we have continued to focus on Ancient Egypt, where we have been learning to use our Phonics to decode words in hieroglyphs. In Math, we are beginning to work on division and how to share things equally between our friends. This week we have also focused on Tu Bishvat for cross-curricular…


27th November 2020

Rimon class have been busy busy! We have been doing lots of drama and performance, practising our best acting as cavemen. We have also learnt all about Light and been exploring dark and light and reflective and non-reflective materials. We also enjoyed our final two Mitzvah mornings, first making cards for children at the Shalva…

RIMON 13 November 2020

13th November 2020

Rimon class have been busy learning all about our new topic ‘The Stone Age’ and ‘Light’ in Science. In Topic, we watched a video on the Stone Age, and began writing down all the questions we wanted to answer in our learning. We put them together to make a fire because that’s how Cavemen stayed…

Rimon 02 October 2020

2nd October 2020

Rimon Class have been learning more about Ernest Shackleton and Antarctica the past two weeks. They have experienced what it would feel like to be a crew member onboard Endurance, completed obstacle courses in PE and timeline key events in Shackleton’s life. This week we have been learning all about Sukkot, writing party invitations, and…

Rimon 18 September 2020

18th September 2020

Rimon class have had a great first two weeks getting stuck into our learning and our topic ‘Exploring the Antarctic.’ The children have located Antarctica on a map, and began to hear about the explorer: Ernest Shackleton. We also have been learning about healthy, including making a healthy tuna pasta salad, where we chopped all…