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DVASH 02 JULY 2021

2nd July 2021

D’vash class have had another busy and exciting week! All of the children are working so hard and it has been lovely to reflect on the amazing progress they have made this term, as I prepare the end of year reports. I have been so impressed this week by the children’s caring actions towards each…

DVASH 18 JUNE 2021

18th June 2021

D’vash class have had a brilliant week! We have been enjoying the sunny weather and talking a lot together about how to keep ourselves safe in the sun; wearing sunscreen, drinking water and keeping our hats on. We have started our new topic ‘Transport’ and we have learnt the ‘We all go travelling by’ song….

DVASH 28 MAY 2021

28th May 2021

D’vash class have been keeping busy with lots of lessons and activities this week! In Maths we have been reviewing shapes and learning all about the properties of shapes. We worked on counting the sides and corners of shapes and how to sort them into different groups. In Literacy we learnt about farm animal babies…

DVASH 14 MAY 2021

14th May 2021

It has been another brilliant, busy week in D’vash class! The children have been learning all about measurement in our Maths lessons. We have measured the weight of lots of our classroom things, using balance scales and real scales. Now we are working on measuring length, using cubes and rulers. We have also been talking…


30th April 2021

D’vash have had a great couple of weeks, with lots of fun activities going on. We have been working hard in lessons, with all the children trying their best to join in with their friends and take turns when speaking. We have also been practicing congratulating each other when we get a Middah slip. Last…

DVASH 16 April 2021

16th April 2021

D’vash Class have settled back into school so well and are all very  happy to be back together again. This term we are focusing on a farm theme. In art we created our own animal faces and worked together to mix paint colours to make pink and light yellow, for pigs and chicks respectively. We…


12th March 2021

D’vash class have had a brilliant week! We welcomed a new friend into D’vash class and all of the children have worked hard to be friendly and help Avi learn the different routines we have at school. D’vash class feels very busy with all eight children and it is lovely to see all of the…

Dvash 26 FEBRUARY 2021

26th February 2021

Welcome back to the Spring Term 2 to everyone in D’vash and Gesher! We have had an amazing week back, with lots of enthusiasm for learning about and celebrating Purim. In Literacy we read a story called The Purim Superhero and talked about what costumes we could wear, then coloured and wrote about a costume…


12th February 2021

D’vash class have had an amazing Spring Term 1  and made fantastic progress in their friendships and learning so far this year. It’s gone so fast and we have all had such a fun time! In Math we have been working on addition and subtraction, and this week we moved on to thinking about sequencing…


29th January 2021

D’vash class have had an exciting few weeks at school and we have all been working hard on being kind friends and sharing our play with others. In Math we have been learning about addition and subtraction, using counters, numicon and pictures to help us solve number sentences and talk about how we worked them…