Jewish Studies Fee

Gesher will warmly welcome any child from any Jewish background.  The school will adopt a Modern Orthodox approach. Gesher’s Jewish ethos will be translated into a variety of teaching methods.  Children will learn both from the school’s curriculum and culture via differing methods of action, including celebration, learning and playing.  The school will observe Shabbat and Chagim with early closing on Fridays in the winter months.  Jewish Values, ‘Veahavta Lareach hakomacha’, treating all with respect, will lie at the heart of the school’s philosophy.

Gesher will seek to promote the warmth and essence of the Jewish religion; this will be embedded throughout the curriculum, and encompass life and social skills.  Through this, we aim to instill an understanding of the Jewish religion in the context of the wider world in which we live today and framework of other religions.

Jewish Studies is not normally covered by a Local Authority the fee for Jewish Studies is £2,500 per annum.