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If I had a child with special educational needs, I would want them to go to Gesher.  Their pioneering approach is transforming education and the way we teach children with Special Educational Needs.

Professor Simon Baron Cohen
Professor and Fellow – University of Cambridge. Director - Autism Research Centre

Warmth and patience with the children was evident from the moment I entered, and the children are obviously happy and comfortable.

Independent Music Therapist

The progress our son has shown in such a short period of time is nothing short of amazing. We couldn’t be happier with the environment and assistance he is receiving. Everyone who knows him has commented on how much more he is engaging with them and his environment.

Gesher Parent

I adore Gesher! It has saved our family’s quality of life.

Gesher Grandparent

I find your work, approach, and attention to detail on behalf of the children and staff so inspirational.

James Wetz
Author and Educationalist

Without doubt the most supportive and friendly environment I’ve ever worked in. Well-being is right at the top of everyone’s priorities and it shows!

Sam Dexter

I have been part of Gesher’s journey since it opened and am humbled to step back and recognize the impact that our school has on the children.  I feel very fortunate be a part of a workplace that inspires me to achieve my best and make a difference in a child’s life.  Gesher is an exceptional place to work for many reasons, however my main motivation is the feeling of empowerment, to be part of a movement that celebrates all aspects of a child.  No stones are left unturned to make them feel heard and understood. The unconditional positive regard that Gesher has for all children is in every aspect of the school’s culture.

Gesher is a playground that offers activities and space for every child’s needs, so they grow and engage with the world in the ways they require. The holistic approach that is so central to our children’s wellbeing is also relevant for staff.  Gesher provides me with a solid support network, termly training and a wellbeing programme that ensures I can reach my own potential and always feel confident use my own expertise to benefit the children’s development. The African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” applies to Gesher’s culture of community and belief that everyone influences the life of our children. I feel proud to be a part of this village.

Laura Miles
Teaching Assistant

Gesher is an outstanding school which provides children such as ours with an exceptional opportunity to learn and develop. We could not ask for more from them or be happier.

Gesher Parent

I had an extremely positive visit to Gesher School and hope that it continues to grow from strength to strength.

Independent Speech and Language Therapist

Quite simply, Gesher School is an outstanding example of what can be done for SEN children – our child is a totally different child and I always feel as though you have her best interests in mind. The knowledge and expertise of staff members is truly impressive and what it more they have a fantastic sense of empathy and understanding which is rare.

Gesher Parent

Since the school opened in September 2017, they have worked exceptionally well together to establish a school that meets pupils’ needs and enables them to make excellent progress. They have appointed a highly effective staff team that understands the ethos, values and vision which underpin the school’s work.

OFSTED Report, June 2018

It’s a fantastic school, with so much love.

Gesher Parent